The Team


A Multifaceted Multimedia Production Company

The Production team hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Bumi “Laygus” Adeboye Jr., Remy “RemyJ” Joseph, and Tron “BTron” Lippet all had a passion for music. Combining their knowledge and experience,Beatnomics is on a mission to deliver the best sound and quality possible. With a combined 25+ years of production experience, Beatnomics possesses a musical savviness like none other and top notch production services across the board.  

Our Services

  • Music Production
  • Jingles
  • Commercials
  • Songwriting
  • Audio Engineering
  • Artist Management
  • Label(Indie)

Our Vision

It is our goal to continue to dramatically fashion next-generation music to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world. It is also our objective to assertively foster diverse musical capital as well as endeavor to enthusiastically negotiate unique methods.

Our Skills

Music Production
100 %
80 %
100 %
Audio Engineering
100 %
Artist Management
60 %


Team Members

Bumi “Boom” Adeboye Jr.

Founder, Managing Member

Tron “Btron” Lippett

Managing Member

Remy “Remy J” Joseph

Co-Founder, Managing Member

Tatiana “Tati” Lopez

Marketing Manager